Easy Cleaning Of Pool, Spa Or Hot Tub

Easy cleaning and maintenance of acrylic surfaces – taking care of your Pool, Spa or Hot Tub has never been so easy!

Hot tub or Spa owners know this problem. After a while the surface looks dull and fine scratches start to appear. Some hot tub owners even have problems with nail polish. The hot water and the chemicals can make nail polish softer and create marks on the acrylic surface or your hot tub. You cannot use acetone to remove nail polish marks, as this will damage the surface structure and even void your warranty. The contents of industrial nail polish remover will react with the acrylic surface and act as a solvent! The only other solution is mechanical removal – usually using sandpaper and polish. With our series of compounds this is not necessary anymore!

The first step to clean and take proper care of your hot tub and Spa is to remove all the chemicals, greasy elements and other solutions that are adhered to the acrylic surface. To thoroughly clean your hot tub and spa (this also applies to pools and bath tubes made of acrylic materials) you obviously need to empty the vessel. First you will clean the surface with hot water and use one of your compounds to remove light scratches from the acrylic surface of your hot tube. Start using our QP-ON 6.2 Ultra fine polishing compound.

This special compound is very easy to use and will create a smooth surface. The formula was developed to treat any surface, without destroying the underlying structure. This will give you much better results than sanding, buffing or using heavy chemicals to remove scratches and surface imperfections. Our fine polishing compound has been used on very expensive hot tubes on yachts and luxury homes. The results are astonishing and will leave the acrylic hot tub surface like new! Apply a small amount to a buffing pad and work on all the areas that have scratches, swirls and nail polisher marks. You don’t need to use physical force. Smooth, rotating movements is all you need to create a clean surface, free of light scratches and other ugly marks. After this process is concluded, we recommend rinsing with hot water again. At this point we move to the next step: cleaning and sealing of the hot tub and spa surface. The next step will ensure that your hot tub and spa will be protected and gain a new surface shine. Matter of fact, your hot tub and spa will look like new again!

To achieve this, use our QP-ON 2.1 High end cleanser and sealant. This product was developed to clean and protect any hard surface. The special formula is unique and will create a new, clean and shiny surface. The acrylic surface will be protected against dirt, grease, organic and inorganic elements. The surface becomes resistant against water chemicals and other elements. This is especially important, if your hot tub or spa is outside and exposed to heavy sunlight. QP-ON products protect any hard surface against UV-radiation and therefore prevent discoloration and surface damage. You can mix QP-ON 2.1 with water and use a regular spray bottle to evenly apply the product to the acrylic surface. There is no need to rub or to apply force to the surface. Just a smooth application with a soft cloth (ideally with a microfiber cloth). You can immediately see the effects and the special formula will be instantly active. The coating becomes active as soon as it binds with the surface. The formula is silicone free and a water-based, highly concentrated solution.

Here are some of the advantages of QP-ON 2.1: Serves as a deep cleaning agent, to facilitate the subsequent application of other QP-ON products. Serves also as a way to repair and reseal a surface, which has been previously treated with QP-ON 2.0 or QP-ON 3.0. Using QP-ON 2.1 will give surfaces a longer lifetime and protect the QP-ON coating. This ensures short maintenance and cleaning cycles. Highly durable protection against dirt, dust, organic and inorganic materials, resins, bird droppings, street and sea salt, salt water, fresh water, corrosion, UV-A and UV-B radiation. Preserves surfaces and gives them a smooth surface that is highly water repellent and has a high floss finish. Surfaces look almost like new (depending on age and other factors) and become easier to clean and protect. Long lasting preservation and investment protection for all kinds of valuable surfaces. Environmentally friendly: Due to the highly protective coating, less and less cleaning and washing is necessary. Surfaces with QP-ON require less usage of water and other chemical cleaning products. This is a contribution to a better protection of the environment and valuable resources like water.

Please feel free to contact us through our website. We offer special cleaning services all over the world. Our network of distributors and service providers can help you with cleaning services for your luxury home, high end yacht, automobile and mobile home. Our product line has been successfully used to protect multi-million Dollar villas and some of the most expensive Mega-Yachts that cruise the seas. If you have special cleaning and care requirements or operate professional Spa and Pool installations, then let us know. Our team has over 15 years of experience with surface protection procedures. Our passion and specialty is to provide high end care for valuable surfaces and objects. The goal is to reduce cleaning cycles and therefore to save time and money. Proper hot tub, spa and pool maintenance can be effective and economic. Let us protect your hot tub and spa against dirt, scratches and discoloration!

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