Watec Solutions is a Norwegian modern company located in Lillestrøm which was founded in 2016. Since its establishment, the company has had a vision of helping our customers to profit from choosing our environmentally friendly services and products, and with this has managed to build an impressive and loyal customer base.

Watec Solutions is a privately-owned company with investors and management that takes care of and supports the company’s genuine desire to be a pioneer towards a greener everyday life. We have so far developed the products and services that we believe are important in supplementing sectors that have challenges in choosing eco-friendly over non-eco-friendly measures, while not compromising on quality.

As a company, we are constantly evolving, and with our creative and academically skilled staff, we focus on further research, development and testing to make our solutions all the more effective for our customers.


«Our dream is that with our products and services we will contribute to making it profitable to think and prioritize environmentally friendly.»

«We make no compromises regarding quality, and our products and services will always be environmentally friendly.»

Jan-Erik Berg