About us

Watec Solutions is a modern, Norwegian company that focuses on delivering the best products for surface treatment. We have a high technological line of products which we call Watec Chemistry. All products are environmentally friendly and in addition, we deliver different services that accompanies our chemistry products naturally.

We can especially mention glass grinding and glass polishing as a very important measure for the environment. Instead of rejecting and degrading damaged glass, we grind the glass making it better than it ever was. Then, we coat the glass with our own environmentally friendly products that we consider market leading in this regard. The customer saves money with this service being more cost effective than replacing glass – and the environment becomes a winner.

The products we sell are being produced in Europe which is also good for the environment. Short delivery routes save the environment and is also an advantage regarding complaints or new development. The factories we cooperate with are localized in Sweden, Germany and England. We also work continuously with development of new and exciting solutions to motivate increased focus on environment in a profitable way.


«Our dream is that our products and services contribute to making environmentally friendly solutions profitable.»

«We make no compromises regarding quality, and our products and services will always be environmentally friendly.»

Jan-Erik Berg