Did you know that a facade glass can look like a lunar landscape with many uneven structures through a microscope? The normal structures of the glass are the reason why insects can climb vertically up a glass window.

Glass grinding

During a construction project, a large number of activities take place every day. These activities can often lead to damage of glass facades. Damage like these differ from other problems on construction projects, as fixing these damages usually are done towards the end of the construction project. Watec Solutions is therefore brought in before handover to assist with our services, and we carry out both professionally solid inspections and repairment of injuries. What we deliver is an economically advantageous service as the cost of grinding and polishing glass is significantly more affordable compared to the replacement of window glass. The contractors who first give us the opportunity to show what we can deliver have shown that they bring us onto new projects after becoming convinced of the benefit of using our services.

It is a great cost to replace a glass window, and the environment will also be exposed to large CO2 emissions when the broken glass is to be melted down. Our vision is to prevent this spill, and to make it cost-effective and time-saving for companies that choose our solutions – while putting the customer in focus.

Using proprietary equipment, several years of testing and work, we have developed the optimal solution to satisfy contractors’ quality and performance requirements.

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Surface treatment


When glass arrives at the construction site, there are often large processes related to groundwork that can lead to high levels of dust and minerals resulting in mineral damage to the glasses before they are even installed.

These injuries can also occur later in the construction phase as a result of the ongoing activities taking place during construction.

Surface treatment of the glasses before, or early after installation, can result in a limitation of damage to the glass and ensures that the cleaning at handover is facilitated, as well as when the apartments are habitated.

Industrial cleaning and coating

Watec Solutions has extensive experience and fantastic products for surface treatment of facade, as well as concrete surfaces, marble, and steel alloys.

By processing concrete, stone, marble, wood, and steel with nanocoating based on various advanced silicon-based chemistry products, we can prevent the materials from rusting or rotting before, during and after the construction phase.

If the materials are already damaged, we have advanced cleaning and restoration techniques to rectify these surfaces.


Tiles, sealant, marble, and glass in bathrooms often have problems with discoloration, molding or looking old early after inflow. Watec Solutions delivers an advanced and exclusive treatment of entire bathrooms before takeover so that customers have an experience of a great new bathroom for a longer time – that lasts.

Besides the aesthetic, the materials are also protected from calcite coming from water and steam in bathrooms, which also extend the life of the materials. Good for the customer, smart for the contractor.

Glass inspection

Watec Solutions has several years of experience in inspection of glass surfaces in residential buildings, business premises, smaller and larger venues. The service is a proactive offer for contractors who want to locate errors before customers do.

In this way, we can also efficiently rectify the glasses in a cost-saving and environmentally friendly way after the inspection. The contractor will not have to deal with deviations after handover and customers will be satisfied with the result. It will also be easier to refer to the status of glass when handing over, should there be complaints afterwards.

This is what causes our customers to keep coming back to us.

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