Did you know that in 1998, over $276 billion was lost in the United States alone because of rusting iron and iron alloys?

The solution to the corrosion problem

Water and moisture have always contributed to the destruction of materials over time. Watec Solutions is strongly engaged in developing solutions for the market to reduce this problem. By using natural basic components such as silicon combined with high technology and services, we can add hydrophobic abilities that provide increased protection.

What is the problem?

Did you know that in 1998, over $276 billion was lost in the United States alone because of rusting iron and iron alloys? Problems with rust are widely known, and the reason rust usually returns is that rust is a persistent reaction if the materials are in contact with moisture and oxygen. If all rust is not removed in connection with treatment, it will continue to multiply.

Watec Solutions has for a long period of time developed a treatment method to both remove all rust and then apply an environmentally friendly and high-tech silicon-based protection. The surface treatment is a surface coating based on nanotechnology preventing electrolytes accessing the steel or metal. The treatment is carried out in combination with paint and will contribute to a more robust surface against the presence of rust.

The Solution

  • Rust that has occurred is removed using dry ice
  • The surface is washed with an effective soap with a corrosion inhibitor
  • Ceramic protection is applied to the steel before the paint process takes place
  • Final treatment with nanotechnologic silicon-based protection

Use cases

The products used have extreme hydrophobic properties for materials other than steel as well. We have therefore developed a line for periodic treatment of wood and concrete as well. This form of treatment is natural for the structure of the material and gives them amazing protective effects. Due to the nanotechnologic properties of the chemistry, the materials can still let oxygen get in and out, even if the water stays out. The result of this is a fresh material that keeps its shine and durability even if protected. The product is also UV-A and UV-B protected. The result of persistent hydrophobic properties is less maintenance, better appearance, and a protected material.

We can help you with

Watec Solutions has in a short time developed and customized solutions to meet the customer’s varied needs. Our goal is to ensure that we can deliver a cost-effective, time saving, and environmentally friendly solution for all our customers no matter what. If you are interested in seeing if we can help you with your problem, please contact us for a non-binding chat.