Did you know that one can save up to 80% of the cleaning process with the use of dry ice? Less time, less cost, good for the environment.

Dry ice treatment

Use of dry ice is a fantastic solution to many of the great problems associated with rust removal, cleaning and removing heavy dirt in the offshore industry. The gentle yet effective cleansing trait of dry ice ensures to clean and restore challenging and decisive areas of oil rigs, freight ships, fishing boats and warships without any risk.

How does it work?

Dry ice treatment principally works the same way as sandblasting, where a component is blasted out with help from pressure in high speed towards the surface being maintained. In contrary to sand, water or chemicals as a cleaning component, dry ice will not leave any secondary waste. This makes dry ice a very good tool when cleaning areas that are hard to reach, or eventually to clean secondary waste with. Examples of this can be machine rooms, silos or mooring decks.

Dry ice has an extremely low temperature of -79º C. The low temperature creates a thermal shock effect, thus making the unwanted coating of the surface crisp and crack up. All this happens without damaging the material beneath because of dry ice’s unique way of expanding approximately 800 times its own size when in contact with oxygen.

What can Watec do for you?

  • Remove rust from hull and surfaces of ships and rigs
  • Remove burnt oil and tar
  • Remove peeled paint and rust
  • Remove burnt in dust and glue as a part of industry cleaning
  • Clean electrical and mechanical articles
  • Apply advanced chemical coating after the cleaning using dry ice

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Rust treatment

Did you know that it is estimated to have been lost $276 billion in 1998 in The US, solely because of rust on iron and iron alloys? Sadly, this problem does not only belong in the past and is just as relevant today.

Watec Solutions has worked towards presenting fantastic high technological chemical solutions that prevent electrolytes like water or salts to stick to iron, iron alloys and copper.

The products are used in combination with traditional deck surface treatments and leaves a clean and protected surface.

Watec Solutions’ combination of chemicals, in contrary to other anti-rust products, makes it possible for materials to breathe, hence making the material hydrophobic. We only break down the electrolyte and can therefore save the offshore industry of great amounts with help from our products and dry ice treatments.