Solar energy

Tomorrow’s problems cannot be solved with yesterday’s solutions. Watec Solutions is therefore proud to contribute to a sustainable and important green change.

The solar energy industry is developing extremely rapidly. This development has made solar panels cheaper and more effective. However, solar panels work like much else. If they are not clean, they will not function optimally.

Because of this, Watec Solutions believes surface treatment can create the possibility to increase effectiveness in panels, reduce maintenance and that way protect the investment of either gigantic parks or privately-owned solar panels.

The product named “Solar Coating” is now undergoing tests with our partner IFE at Kjeller in Lillestrøm. Tests results will be presented during 2H 2019.


By using elements and combining these with advanced nanotechnology, we have been able to create a surface treatment that coats and gives an anti-reflection effect to the surface of the solar panels. The traits of this product make sure the surface stays clean, that the temperature of the surface decreases, thus increasing the efficiency.

The product is sold RTU and is sprayed directly onto the surface before it is wiped off for the product to reach all the surface’s pores and fine cracks.

The product can also be integrated with cleaning systems and robots on larger arenas.

Our consultants will be available for help and guidance in case of any questions regarding application.

Why treat surfaces of solar panels with our chemistry?

Our product has been through countless tests that has confirmed both increased efficiency and reduced need of maintenance. These factors alone makes for a relatively quick and documentable profitability compared to the cost of the product.

In addition, Watec Solutions has become a member of The Norwegian Solar Energy Cluster because we have products for the industry and a conscious goal to contribute with good solutions for better efficiency utilization.

Now what?

Increased efficiency and reduced maintenance are one of the keys to increased utilization of green solar energy today. We live in a world that is beginning to limit access to water for cleaning and increase costs of water and space for new solar energy parks. 2-10% increased efficiency in existing panels will give 2-10% decreased need for new panels. 2-10% decreased maintenance will result in 2-10% reduced use of available water to energy production’s advantage.