Surface treatment

Corrosion and irrigation has been a major problem for a number of industries for several years. Therefore, Watec Solutions has developed its own solutions for both removal and prevention of problems related to this.

Use of dry ice is fantastic and can solve big problems related to cleaning, as well as maintenance and restauration of surfaces. This together with our product line has shown itself to be a fantastic combination that saves many industries millions of dollars.

Through several years, Watec Solutions has been partaking in the development of a fantastic nanotechnologic surface treatment agent with multiple benefits. With this high technologic chemical product, Watec Solutions has helped industries like contractors, real estate and off shore with protecting materials that are easily damaged by water over time. By treating concrete and glass early in the building process, one can avoid minerals from concrete running down on glass and creating lasting cleaning problems later on.

Our products are based on silicon, and is designed to protect material and paint from fading, Uv-A and Uv-B radiation, as well as water and oxygen gass. When the paint is applied to ships, facades or glass, the material will be protected against corrosion, fading and damaging minerals. This saves time, money and the environment.