What Makes A Cleaning Product A Truly “Green” Product?

For a healthy environment – Eco think green: We have only one world and only one nature

Companies and consumers face a big responsibility: reducing our “ecological footprint” on the planet. We need to preserve and protect the soil, water, air, fish and wildlife. Human health is another important issue. The accumulation of chemicals in a typical household represents a challenge and may cause respiratory irritations, asthma and foremost more allergies. Becoming ecologically sustainable is not only a desirable goal, but our obligation towards present and future generations.

Less is more

We believe that “less is more”. Using less water and less cleaning agents is our goal. That is why we produce and recommend our surface coating products. One example is our high-end protection called QP-ON 2.0. The ingredients are basically “liquid” sand (silica) and titanium. Both are not rare earth minerals! Some minerals are hard to mine and create substantial environmental problems. Over 90% of the Earth’s crust is made of silicate minerals. After oxygen, this is the second most abundant element on earth. Silica is a very natural product and is present in many plant tissues – even in the bark of wood!

The other ingredient is titanium. Another very abundant – it is the ninth-most abundant element in Earth’s crust. It is present in most rocks, sediments, in living things and even in natural bodies of water. Titanium is one of the natural building blocks of our planet.

The most important aspect is that both materials create a highly resistant surface protection on any object and any material. This will protect any surface against deep soiling, corrosion and even mold. If dirt does not reach the deeper capillary structure of a surface, then cleaning becomes easier and doesn’t require aggressive cleaning agents. Some of the dirt will actually wash off with rainwater. We created a product to reduce the usage of aggressive detergents, cleaning chemicals and thus to protect our water!

Green ECO Cleanser – made of Sugar!

Our Ready-to-use biological cleaner is a genius creation. The formula was derived from complex polyglycosides (sugar). The formulation was based on glucose derivatives that enhance the cleaning and foaming process. The ingredients are biodegradable and eco-friendly. Our ECO Cleanser has the European “Ecolabel”. This label is awarded to environmentally friendly products, that are not only ecological during the application, but also respect environmental rules during the manufacturing process.

A really eco-friendly product will not only use ingredients that are biodegradable, but also chemicals that will not accumulate in ground water or in the soil. Green products also offer smart solutions in terms of packaging, recycling and product size.

Refills and Bulk sizes

Another goal is to reduce unnecessary packaging and to avoid trash, that will end up in landfills. For this reason, we created the ECO Cleaner Refill Packs. Instead of buying more bottles and creating more waste, you can order the practical Refill Packs. One key feature of the ecological refill packs is that they completely dissolve in warm water! No plastics, no additional packaging. The ingredients are the same: basically sugar!  Better cleaning results (the foaming is excellent!) and less pollution.

Another important step for us, was the possibility to sell these products in bulk sizes. We deliver our ECO Cleaner in 5 Liter containers and all the way up to 1.000 Liter containers. There are other solutions for industrial applications: concentrated compounds. This will reduce the usage of fossil fuels to transport bulky and heavy products! This is a big contribution to reduce CO2-emissions, that contribute to the greenhouse effect. QP-ON delivers concentrated products to overseas and our local distributors create the Ready-to-use solution. This saves not only money, but also excessive fuel usage during our logistic processes.

We are committed to find better and more ingenious solutions to protect manufactured objects and extend their lifetime. Preservation of existing products will become more and more important in the future. We have to stop the waste and the “throwaway mentality”. Protect and preserve your objects and help us to reduce the environmental footprint.

If you have questions or suggestions, please get in touch with us. We would love to hear your opinion.

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