Perfect Solution Not Only For Boats And Yachts

Protect your boat, jet-ski, canoe or any other water vehicle against the aggressive elements of nature

It doesn’t matter if we are talking about a very expensive yacht or a small rowing boat, the cause of destruction will be the same: the natural elements of nature. There is – for once – the problem with biofouling. Sea water is full of plankton, algae and other biological elements, that literally “eat away” the precious investment under your feet. Every boat owner battles the corrosive results of sea water. The salt dilution is highly aggressive and will contribute to the destructive process. The chemical processes, a combination of mineral and biological materials in the water interacting with sunlight and other factors, create a very powerful destructive force.

This is only what happens underneath your boat. There is still the UV-A and UV-B radiation from the sun. Look at any wood parts on your boat and you will know exactly what we mean. The flaking of varnish is not only the result of strong sun light. Rain (with other mineral elements trapped in every droplet) and the sodium chloride (sea salt) that is also in the air, will destroy any maritime vehicle!

It is only a matter of time. Even big container ships and military fleets have a constant fight against the elements of nature. The destructive process will depend on many factors. One is the water body, in which the vessel operates. Boats that are constantly in harbor or in a dock, will have greater problems. One of the reasons is, that water closer to harbor is usually warmer and full of nutrients that feed micro-organisms and bacteria. The biofouling process is quicker and happens at several levels. Boats that are in constant movement (usage) and out at high sea, will experience less problems with biofouling, but will have an exposure to other biological elements.

One solution is the QP-ON formula. We have worked for over a decade with boat owners and some of our team members have worked with the crews of very expensive and famous yachts. This knowledge was introduced into the research and development process of QP-ON. Our products are based on pure Silicium – a hard mineral, which can be found in regular sand and quartz and even in meteorites – and will create a special protection, that adheres to any surface, thanks to a scientific process. The Silicium molecules will adhere electro-statically to the hull (or any other material) and create an invisible hard and yet flexible surface. Water, salt, dirt have less chances to stick to the original paint. The surface becomes water repellent and has anti-static properties. For severe conditions we also developed QP-ON 3.0 Ceramic Coating. This is a high-end endurance coating for valuable surfaces that need that extra protection. Our products are easy to apply and the boat can stay in the water (since the process happens electrostatically). This saves time and money. One important benefit is the fact that the water vehicle does not need to be lifted out of the water. Another important benefit is, that you will only need one product for all surface areas.

QP-ON can be applied to: glass, fiberglass, painted and unpainted surfaces, aluminum, metal, steel, treated and untreated materials, varnished materials. You can apply QP-ON to the exterior and to the interior (bathrooms, kitchens, appliances, glass doors, ceilings and floors). Many crews have to carry a lot of products around, to clean and protect the complex material combinations that exist in a yacht. This is not the case with QP-ON. One formula for all materials. Our development team has adapted the formula for leather, canvas, textiles and vinyl & plastics. The same Silicium protection has been adapted, to better suit the surface structure of these specific materials.

Try one of our products now: QP-ON 2.0 High End Coating will bring new shine and a high gloss to any surface. Your boat, yacht, sailing boat, jet-ski will look like new and shiny again. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have.

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