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Taking detailing to the next level – Luxury surface protection for cars, motorcycles and caravans

A brand new car gives you a great feeling. The smell, the clean interior and the excellent new paint. Everything is shiny and looks perfect. After a few days, weeks and months the good look is gone rather quickly. Cars need constant cleaning and detailing. The detailing process can be quite expensive and time consuming. The application of car wax is also complicated and often requires a professional car detailer. There is another problem with car wax. The product will melt away (due to sunlight exposure) and the residues will attract more dirt and dust. The car wax must be removed again. Normal washing is not enough.

It is important to clean and protect your car, not only because the exterior looks nice. This is also an important preservation of value and investment. The most popular reason for auto detailing is to protect the original paint. During car detailing process with QP-ON products, the painted surface will be sealed and protected. The sealing with QP-ON products makes the car look shiny and new again, but also serves as paint protection.

With QP-ON you don’t need to take your car to a special shop or garage. Our product line is easy to apply and works great in any weather conditions. You only need a cup of QP-ON 2.1 Cleanser in 1 Liter of water and a clean cloth. Remove the dirt and dust particles with clean water. Then apply QP-ON product with a spray bottle (any common spray bottle will do the job). Then start applying a fine mist over the clean car. The surface must be free of grease and other elements. After that, remove any excess liquid with a clean cloth (preferably a micro-fiber cloth that is also dry). After that, gently rub the product onto the surface and notice how the gloom and gloss is coming out of the paint. The advantage of QP-ON products in auto detailing is, that it does not leave the ugly streaks and smears that you usually see if wax is applied with a machine. The round swirl-marks can be seen under sunlight and every scratch will be more noticeable. QP-ON 2.0 High End Coating is a special formula that was created with this in mind. The Silicium/Titanium formula will give your car a new high-gloss effect and protect the paint against: bird droppings, resins, pollen, flying particles of hot brake dust, melted particles of street asphalt, environmental elements, minerals in rain water, salt (in wintertime) and also acid and alkaline liquids. This is a complete and full protection against corrosion and UV-radiation as well. There is no other formula on the market with the same properties like QP-ON. You can try it for yourself. The results can be seen after a couple of minutes and are truly amazing.

You can see your mirror image in the paint and the deep colors of metallic paints come up again. QP stands for Quality Power and ON is our way of saying: “switch on the shine”. Easy as activating a switch. You don’t need any special gear or protective clothing. QP-ON can even be applied in the rain or during wintertime (you only need to protect the liquid against frost).

No one wants to sit in a dirty car and auto detailing is a great way to ensure that your car is clean and comfortable. Besides offering cleanliness, an interior detailing can treat your seats and rugs with protectant, which will minimize further damage to your car. Our new product line for vinyl and plastics, called QP-ON 4.1 is an excellent solution for any interior parts that need a special coating and special care. We are currently working on other products to clean and protect leather, textiles and cloth.

Car detailing has many advantages

The importance of auto detailing is often overlooked but can greatly enhance your vehicle if done correctly. You need to protect the original manufacturer paint and detailing is the first step to protect your investment. With QP-ON you are making a first step in that direction and the protective coat will last for months and years! You need to re-apply QP-ON and therefore we created QP-ON 2.1 Repair formula to maintain the protective Silicium/Titanium-coating. Applying a coat of QP-ON as regular maintenance will keep your paint looking great and costs a lot less than having to re-paint your vehicle in the future. Your vehicle’s factory paint is better quality than most aftermarket alternatives. Aftermarket paint jobs tend to be much softer than the factory paint, therefore leaving them more prone to swirls and scratches.

Great looks and value preservation

The resale value of a car depends on the great looks. Often buyers will look for a great paint without rust or corrosion. A clean and shiny vehicle will give potential buyers confidence that your vehicle is in excellent condition inside and out. A neglected vehicle on the outside will appear to be neglected in all areas and this makes it more difficult to sell and get a better price. The paint job is the first impression and psychologically, a buyer will think that the mechanics are also well, if the interior and exterior looks superb and well maintained.

Great value for a little price

Driving a clean, shiny vehicle is more enjoyable than driving a dirty, dull vehicle. A clean vehicle projects confidence and professionalism. It shows that you care about your vehicle and promotes a positive image. This is essential if you use your vehicle for business. First impressions are important; customers want to see that you take care of all aspects of your business. Customers will appreciate being in a clean vehicle, as they do a clean office or store.

Many product lines require you to use many different bottles, chemical products and other agents. With QP-ON you will use only one formula for almost all surface materials. It is also a very concentrated formula, which means that will only 50 ml of product you can get up to 1 Liter of usable solution. Great value for a little price. This saves money in terms of detergents, water and costly paint repair jobs.

Give it a try. If you have any questions or concerns, then please contact us through our website. We will help you to preserve and protect your Car, SUV, Motorcycle or Caravan.

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