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The new car looks shiny and perfect. After a while, the paint becomes dull and lackluster. What happened? In order to answer that, we need to zoom in and look at the surface at microscopic level. The word “microscopic” means, that something is too small, to be seen with the naked eye. The scope is at “micro level”, which is at a very small scale. Microscopic units start at one millionth of 1 meter.

It is at this level, where the problems start. Corrosion starts long before you see the brown rusty stuff at the surface. The process starts long before that. Small water droplets go into the structure (pores) and remain there. Dirt particles, smaller than the width of one hair get trapped inside this “labyrinth” of “mountains and valleys. Cleaning only removes dirt particles that are big enough and attached to the outer surface of the material. There is no smooth surface structure – under the microscope most surfaces look roughed and have valleys. It is here, where dirt, grease and other elements become trapped, filling in the gaps and contributing to the destructive process. You will only see the end result: dull and mate surfaces, brittle and scratched surfaces and a dirty appearance. Things look “old”. The colors start to fade or to become yellowish, stained and used. The process can be reversed at a certain point.

That will require lots of processing, removal of substances and treating of the surface. Often only sanding, polishing off and scratching will remove the deep-seated dirt particles. This brings us to another problem: sanding off the surface or using a mechanical device to rub down the surface, will also destroy the surface. Maybe the material becomes thinner or maybe the pores are now open and the destructive process becomes worse. This is one of the reasons, why you will see boats out in spring time, being polished and painted again. This process is aggressive to the surface structure (it actually destroys it!).

Another solutions, is to lay a flexible and yet strong film over the clean structure, to prevent the intrusion of dirt particles. To keep the destructive elements at the upper layer of the surface and therefore making the cleaning and rinsing process more benevolent to the surface structure. This is the strategy of QP-ON products. We treat the surface in a different manner. First, deep-seated dirt and dust must be removed. In order to achieve a deep cleansing effect, a product like QP-ON 2.1 Cleanser will help to create a clean and grease-free surface (even at lower, microscopic levels). Afterwards, the surface – painted or not – receives a clear, transparent and hard surface in form of Silicium molecules (in case of our QP-ON 2.0 High-End Coating even in form of Titanium molecules or in case of QP-ON 3.0 Ceramic Coating, the even stronger combination of Silicium-Ceramic-molecules).

Why is this effective? The original surface receives a thin layer of protection, that adapts to the natural “mountains and valleys” of the material. This is one important aspect of QP-ON products! The pores, the natural structure of the material is NOT filled up with a product. This would change the natural structure of the material and change the look and feel. It is not a matter of “filling up the gaps” with some sort of foreign material. It is a matter of contouring every aspect of the original surface.

The strong properties of Silicium, will adapt to the surface (since this is almost like “glass in liquid form”) and to create a “second skin”, that acts as a repellent for water and other particles. With a protective coat, these elements don’t have a chance to adhere to the roughed surface and will slide off the Silicium skin. This second surface is smooth and has anti-static properties. Dirt is repelled. The treated and sealed surface will still get dirty (as the particles no sit on top of the Silicium surface), but the dirt is sitting at the top layer and can be easily removed with water. Often there is not even the need to use soap or detergents! We recommend the usage of QP-ON 2.1 Cleanser & Repair formula, to keep the Silicium surface intact and at all times strong.

This is the way to protect and preserve surfaces in the 21st century, since we are using a highly scientific approach to an old problem: things becoming dirty!

Try at least one of our products to clean and protect your car, boat, bathroom or any other object, that needs constant care and cleaning. You will see it for yourself. The results are astonishing and will last for months and years to come. A smart investment into the preservation of the valuable things in your Life.

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