We make it profitable to
prioritize environmentally friendly

Innovation that makes a difference

We at Watec Solution have a strong and long-term vision of bringing our current and future partners environmental friendly technology and services. Our dream is that with our products and services, we will contribute to making it profitable to think and prioritize environmentally friendly solutions, and never compromise on quality.

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Watec Solutions performs advanced surface treatment and material restoration on new and older buildings. Watec has for several years and for several customers provided services such as the improvement of glass surfaces, which has contributed to reduction in emissions, cost and time spent on projects.

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Plastic to oil

Pyrolysis is one of today’s most interesting technologies. By using this type of technology, we can today break down hard plastic and transform plastics with nothing to little use, to usable oil.

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Watec Solutions delivers high-tech silicon-based chemistry. Our products are designed for maximum cleaning and to give surface hydrophobic properties. The products are well suited for industry and the offshore industry for combating corrosion.

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All of our services are

Time saving

Cost efficient

Environmentally friendly

Who are we?

 Watec Solutions was founded in 2016 and has acquired solid growth ever since. The company has since day one focused on the fact that investing environmentally friendly should pay off for those who do this, without compromising on quality. Due to dedicated people, good staff and partners, we have realized this in a short time. Our story has only just begun. Do you want to share a part of our story?

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Why do you choose us?

In a short period of time, Watec Solution has established a well-defined customer portfolio with partners who have been with us since its establishment. We have a close relationship with all our customers who choose us because we never compromise on quality and will adhere to this standard in all foreseeable future.

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