Glass Surface Repair

Watec Solutions offers surface repair of scratches on glass facades. We perform inspections first if desired and can offer your construction project a service that saves resources.

We deliver both a professional inspection and rectification of non-conformities. In the process, we have close communication with the contractor in charge and coordinate the assignments in close dialogue.

Watec Solutions is a company that focuses on making environmentally friendly and technological services available to contractors. This as an alternative to the current methods of replacing windows. Time-saving, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

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Plastic to fuel

Watec Solutions AS is a European distributor of pyrolysis technology for recycling plastic into new oil. The plastic production of the future requires parts of the production to come from recycled materials that are part of a circular economy. We arrange deliveries directly between manufacturer and customer and will be actively participating together with the manufacturer in connection with installations and commissionings. We will be a service partner at the installed facilities and at the same time we will have a customer center with support follow-up.

The oil produced with our technology is tested and analysed for given plastic materials PP, PE and PS. The oil will be able to satisfy chemical recycling requirements if the pyrolysis process is based on the criteria we apply.

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