Pyrolysis – chemical recycling

Watec Solutions AS is a European distributor of advanced pyrolysis technology for recycling plastic into new oil.

An important factor for the maturity of the market is that we have now come a long way in terms of the value chain. Some companies want to buy ready-made pyrolysis oil and standards for quality requirements are in development. It has become particularly important for plastic producers to establish access to pyrolysis oil because of the future requirements for chemical recycling and circular solutions. In the future – plastic producers will probably be required to have a certain percentage of their production coming from chemically recycled plastic.

The oil produced from our machines can meet the quality required to achieve this.

The process

To achieve a good result, it is crucial to have a strategic plan for raw materials, both quality, and quantity. Plastic is sorted by type. PP, PE, and PS. Before the pyrolysis processing, the plastic will be washed, crushed, and cut into smaller pieces of about 10x10mm according to the technical requirements. Then, the plastic will go through a thermochemically closed and clean process in reactors that create pyrolysis oil. This pyrolysis oil can be used to produce new plastics and thus contribute to a greener industry, circular economy, reduced CO2 emissions, and sustainable development.

The oil produced from plastic in the pyrolysis machine has been tested in several contexts and will have a high quality with the right conditions. The quality of the oil will depend on the type of plastic used as a raw material and the processing prior to processing.

Our machines make use of a pyrolysis process based on relatively low temperature of about 300C-450C. The technology is efficient and provides a utilization rate of 60-90% if the plastic material is of good and correct quality. The type of plastic approved for use in the machines is PP, PE and PS. The oil produced is high in quality due to the pyrolysis process which has a relatively low temperature compared to other alternative technologies.

Plastic types have different chemical compositions because they are used for different purposes, and because of this, plastic waste will also vary. Some plastic products cannot be recycled and must be incinerated, while others are well suited to be recycled into new plastic, oil, and other useful resources.

Illustrated is a brief description of the plastics that are well suited for recycling into the oil.

Factory solution and additional services

Our machines can be efficiently connected to a comprehensive production platform, where the individual machines can still function as independent production units. Production capacity is from 2 tonnes per day up to a parallel-connected platform with a daily capacity of up to 30 tonnes.

For example, one machine designated PTO-8 is a machine that has a daily capacity to process 8 tons of plastic material. This machine consists of four 2 ton machines that are connected. When machines are connected in this way, a stable operating situation will be achieved without full interruption during periodic maintenance and repairs. The operating situation entails an optimal solution in that machines that are not subject to periodic maintenance or repairs can run at full operation.

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