Glass Surface Repair

Watec Solutions is a company that focuses on making environmentally friendly and technological services available to contractors, as an alternative to current methods.

Damage to window glass has increased in recent years because the amount of glass on facades is greater on modern buildings, compared to before. We work with contractors where we assist with inspection, reporting and improvement of window glass with deviations.

Replacing a damaged window glass entails unnecessarily large costs and time spending. In addition, the environment is exposed to increasing CO2 emissions when the damaged glass is melted down, and our services reduce such emissions. We offer glass services that prevent this and create a cost-effective, time-saving and environmentally friendly solution for contractors. Our references show that customers can rest assured that our services will not damage the quality of the window glass.

New construction

During a construction project, there is a lot of traffic and a large number of activities where glass is often exposed to unfortunate contact that creates scratches and other aesthetic deviations. We offer a cost-effective alternative to replacing window glass with scratches and other visual damage.

Watec Solutions is therefore brought in both before and after the handover of new homes to assist with repairs. We carry out both a solid professional inspection and rectification of nonconformities. In the process, we have close communication with the contractor in charge and coordinate the assignments in close dialogue. If the homes have been handed over and moved in, we assist the contractors with coordination with relevant residents.

Using suitable equipment, materials and chemistry, we grind and polish the scratches at a significantly cheaper cost compared to replacement. In this way, the contractors get a cost- and time-efficient solution to the deviations. This helps to increase satisfaction when handing over the apartments.

Where we make improvements after handover, we experience a very positive response to our services also from residents. Many homebuyers value increasing environmental focus and change from a cunsumer-culture. The contractors give unambiguous feedback that our services are perceived as an efficient and sustainable alternative to glass replacement.


Watec Solutions has recently also been commissioned for the maintenance of residential buildings, business premises and facades in general. In particular, we find that terrace glass with damage as a growing problem, for which we have solutions.

Tarnishing is a form of damage normally caused by minerals by runoff from concrete, masonry, impregnation and other chemicals. Normally, tarnishing on glass appears as a grayish matte coating, which reduces glass quality. At high humidity and temperature, glass can tarnish in a short period of time. When the glass surface is exposed to UV radiation from sunlight, mineral deposits often get stuck on the glass surface. Once mineral deposits have settled on the glass surface, it will be very difficult to remove this with washing. Watec Solutions has techniques in place to repair such damage.

The glass surface can be rectified with polishing and the use of scraping or chemistry is not recommended. Chemistry will not remove everything, and scratching can damage the surface by creating scratches and new deviations. Watec Solutions offers grinding and polishing services that save the customer costs, time and are an environmentally friendly and sustainable service.

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